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EnerGeeWhiz! | November 16, 2018

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EGW! Episode 1

| On 06, Jul 2013

Jim introduces EnerGeeWhiz! and discusses the mission for, and overview of the EGW series: a focus on the economics of clean, renewable energy.

Jim points out the important difference between scalar numbers, which describe an amount or magnitude at a single point in time, and vector numbers, which describe both amount/magnitude *and* direction– the rate of change; and the criticality in using vectors when comparing carbon based energy to renewable energy technologies and economics.


  1. energywhiz

    Yes, I know I used the example of “weight” as a scalar in EGW-Ep1. I figured it was easier to skip over the technicalities there for the layperson.

    Technically, *mass* is a scalar and weight is a vector, as the latter refers to the relationship between gravity (which has direction) and mass. So my mass is the same on the earth as the moon, but my weight would be different.

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